Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009
get your kicks...
Tandem with Kate
Random found object art in Prescott with one cool chick!
Russel Johnson's environmental art piece
Yucca AZ. Isn't this where they tested the bomb? Is that related to the belief in aliens? I'm just sayin...
Embedding myself in the art...can you feel the love
No Explanation needed.

Trip to 3 hours. Sleep in Fresno (or "the burg") at Grandma Marlene's posh B and B. Wake up .... drive 9 hours. Drop stuff at The Motor Lodge..."hip, chic and comfortable!" Eat, sleep, play, learn, eat, sleep, play, learn. Tough stuff.

I was so much more laid back about the colloquia (a conference, actually, but someone likes fancy scholarly words) this time. In Feb. I stressed about the schedule, the people, the process. Of course that is how it is when its your "first time." Now, you would have thought I was an old timer. I've got the thing down, seriously. I like my friends, the place I'm staying, the environment, and also the fact that Kate, Mom, Patty and Lynn were there. That was cool. I really enjoy the connections that are made and the new ideas, information and processes I am learning. It informs the way I look at the world. Only 6 more to go!
Fun experiences: Tandem bike riding with Kate, 108 degrees in Needles, eating constantly, walking down Montezuma with Mom, Patty and Kate, Lemon Lavendar cookies from the Crossroads Cafe, having lots of bonding time with Kate in the car
Best class I went to all weekend: I actually went to a Thesis Presentation about Popular Songs and Disasters where the artist performed songs about floods, fires, train wrecks, blimp wrecks, Hurricane Katrina and the San Francisco Earthquake. He was so nervous, he kept drinking out of an empty coffee cup. Poor guy...but he did have mad guitar skills. Where else but at Prescott College? :-)
Other best class: Environmental Art. My favorite artist (period) is Andy Goldsworthy (check him out if you don't know him). A discussion/survey of history of said discipline and then headed outside to make some art of our own in the creek behind the school. Loved it. Seriously, I'm a complete lunatic and love having a community of learners that supports my lunacy.

Trip to 9 hours, sleep in Fresno wake 3 hours. Home sweet home.

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