Friday, November 9, 2012

Life goes on...

and the sun still shines and sets in the evening regardless of outcomes of elections, or dismal days at school, or bad news or really happy moments.  I am so grateful that I can take a moment, step outside and always grounds me and reminds me that right now, I am alive and well.  We all need moments like that in the hurried craziness of our days.  Like right now...perfect moments consist of jammies, and the couch and two girls and a movie.  I can't make this last, but I can enjoy it. xo

Monday, November 5, 2012

Anyone else feel like this?
I love Fall! But this year, my lovely season of colored leaves and crisp temps has been soured by the presidential campaign. Sorry people, I'm just not feeling it. You had me at hello, and then lost me after 1 1/2 years of bickering and 6 billion dollars of spending. It is truly sickening...what could our country do with 6 BILLION DOLLARS! But really? Enough already. Rant over.
I absolutely love this time of year.......fall!  but this year the wind in my sails has been deflated just a bit by the presidential campaign.  Enough Already!!!  Anyone else feel like this?Enough Already

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I can't express the joy of it.  It takes a while to feel that it isn't just a long weekend, but slowly I have started to feel relaxed.  I did finish all of the above items!  And on time!  It's a miracle!
But now........not so much DO but a whole lot of BE.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it June yet?

So much to do until June.  In no particular order:
1)teach Freshman about Romeo and Juliet.  AND help them understand Shakespearean language and write a coherent essay about it.
2)teach Juniors how to write a decent research paper with internal citations and everything!  Good luck to me.
3)Make changes to Master's thesis by Tuesday for final sign off!
4)Create presentation to help me look totally knowledgeable and professional and stuff at my Thesis Presentation in Prescott, AZ on May 19.
5)Help Maddy prepare for ACT, SAT, 3 AP exams and summer
6)Help Kate prepare for Washington DC trip and 8th grade graduation and find dress of her dreams before she leaves.
7)Complete beginning teaching training (BTSA)
8)Go give blood before my drs appointment next week
9)meetings, meetings meetings
10)Have a date night with my handsome hubby so he doesn't forget who I am.

Whew...anyone else tired?


Saturday, February 11, 2012

BURN FAT...not fuel.

Trying to work on my sustainability.  I'm looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  My goal for this year is to produce more than I consume.  Try to replace into the universe what I have spent the past 40 years sucking out of it.  And if I can do that, in most every aspect of my life, I can feel good about myself.  I feel as if it is past time for me to do that...that I have spend most of my 30's recklessly consuming and enjoying myself without much thought about the consequence to that.  Nothing super extravagant or bad...just lots of STUFF!  Brook is a great example to me.  I mean, he could live like a monk if he wasn't married with kids.  Not that we want to be ascetic...but living more simply can only be good.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

super what?

Just watched the Super Bowl and ..............ho hum.  Not so much going on there to keep me entertained.  But I did enjoy watching my girls get into it to keep their dad entertained.  That was fun.  And so was the food that I made.  Muffin top alert!  I feel like I need a detox.  Starting tomorrow, of course. And I just found out that I am giving a talk in church next Sunday.  Somehow, I decided, I will insert a Portlandia reference, just to keep myself entertained.