Thursday, August 13, 2009

that was easy...

i figured it out. go figure. i am a figureouter type of girl.


my previous post somehow spurred Google Ads to post some seriously interesting my problem is how to undo what I have done. Namely un-ad my blog. I will try to figure that out. In the meantime, I will just post this cool picture I took while driving to Medford, Oregon to visit my bestest friends. Yes, it did snow on the top of Mt. Shasta very cool! It rained on the road which was a nice change of pace during a hot summer day. Can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

starry starry night

In the night

Midnight quiet
I tiptoe outside to my aerie perch overlooking the vast valley
A shimmering sea of lights
Half moon
Illuminates the scope of eternities laid before me

Piney boughs at my head
Lush wet grass at my feet
The lowing of cattle
The rush of the stream
The luscious breeze on my waiting skin

I am a maiden, bound to the bow of a ship
“plowing the stars”
Eyes wide in anticipation of movement
Celestial navigation

The rush of travel
I grip to feel the weight of earth
I am a spinning star all my own
Wanting to take my place in the firmament

Journeys end, breathless I smell the boughs, feel the grass
And rise
Return to my bed and wait another day for my journey
In the night