Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it June yet?

So much to do until June.  In no particular order:
1)teach Freshman about Romeo and Juliet.  AND help them understand Shakespearean language and write a coherent essay about it.
2)teach Juniors how to write a decent research paper with internal citations and everything!  Good luck to me.
3)Make changes to Master's thesis by Tuesday for final sign off!
4)Create presentation to help me look totally knowledgeable and professional and stuff at my Thesis Presentation in Prescott, AZ on May 19.
5)Help Maddy prepare for ACT, SAT, 3 AP exams and summer
6)Help Kate prepare for Washington DC trip and 8th grade graduation and find dress of her dreams before she leaves.
7)Complete beginning teaching training (BTSA)
8)Go give blood before my drs appointment next week
9)meetings, meetings meetings
10)Have a date night with my handsome hubby so he doesn't forget who I am.

Whew...anyone else tired?