Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy New Year!
Although I started off the year with thinking "isn't this an unlucky number?" I know this is going to be an amazing year!  Brook immediately squashed my negativity and reminded me that 13 is actually a very lucky number, and it was going to be an great year, just like my fortune cookie said.  It also said a gift would  be coming in the mail, which actually happened so I believe!  I always think of the year in a round.  January is on the top of that circle, and the summer hanging out on the bottom.  This is just how my brain works and really makes no sense so I think of an upward spiral.  It keeps going onward and upward in an awesome arching motion.  SO, here's to another wonderful circular round of amazing-ness that is my life.  Busy, wonderful and a struggle, at times.  But isn't that what its all about?  We struggle to know that we are alive, and then we look back and see that we have climbed to the top of a particular mountain.  And the view is divine. And as we look forward in the distance we see even higher mountains.  So let's lace up our boots for the climb and enjoy the view as we go.